8 November 2012

After Show... feel sexy!

And after a sexy and glorious night for the VS Angels in NCY, the rest of humanity we wake up as a normal day and we see all pics from yesterday's show... women of the world, how are you feeling today??? 
Feel sexy, at least, you are always to be the Victoria's angel in your home!!!


Y después de una noche gloriosa y sexy para los ángeles de Victoria's Secret en NYC, el resto de la humanidad nos levantamos como un dia normal y vemos todas las imágenes del show de ayer..... muejeres del mundo, cómo os sentís hoy??? 
Sentíos sexy, por lo menos siempre seréis el ángel de Victoria's Secret de vuestra casa!!!


  1. So sad i missed the show! Thanks for the pictures though!

    1. Don't worry...the 4th december wil be broadcasted on the american tv...so you would be.able to watch it completely. Btw, if you want a complete report from yesterday i recommend you to check the digital editions from vogue, style.com, etc

  2. These pictures are amazing. I always love watching the fashion show.

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