10 February 2013

medblick.com is launched!

The moment arrived!!! 
The official Blog from Mediterranean Blick has been launched. Click here to view the Blog and also Follow me on MED BLICK!!!

El momento ha llegado!!

El Blog oficial de Mediterranean Blick ya se ha lanzado.  Click here  para ver el Blog y sígueme en este nuevo proyecto en MED BLICK!!!

8 February 2013

Fashion Week- Survival Kit

New York Fashion Week has opened  its doors to the public, and fashionistas around the world are aldready hanging around the city and attending to shows & private events.
How to survive to this stressful and 100% trendy days??
Go down and don't miss the MUST-HAVE for the perfect Fashion Weeks- Survival kit!!!

New York Fashion Week ya ha abierto sus puertas al público, y fashionistas de todo el mundo están ya paseándose por la ciudad y atendiendo a shows & eventos privados. 
Pero,¿ cómo sobrevivir a estos días de estés y 100% trendy?
Echa un vistazo más abajo y no te pierdas los MUST-HAVE para el erfecto kit de supervivencia para Fashion Weeks!!!
Don't forget your camera to shot all outfits, shows and special moments!!!
correctors after long days
Correctors.... a must after long days and lack of sleeping hours. This ones are from Clinique
heels heels and more heels
Heels, heels and more heels.... This amazing and risqué ones are from Balenciaga
Take your invitations with you ;)
liters of coffee
Liters and liters of coffee... Starbucks is always a good option for "a coffee to go"
  must for perfect nails and lips
Pack your favorite nail polish and lipstick... details are always important!! - Le vernis collection from Chanel-
small bags
Wear small bags or clutches...- Original clutch from Prada
smartphones.. always connected!
Smartphones, ipad mini..... always connected and posting!!!
Like heels, sunglasses are a must for Fashion Weeks!!!!

7 February 2013

Pure design and creativity!

Arquitecture and design in one. 
That's what I thought when I saw  this jacket and I discovered the accurated details, the quality of the fabrics and how are mixed. A contemporary and  absolutely  FASHION PIECE!!

Designed by  Handkerchief, a creative studio founded by Asian Cultural Council fellow Amy Cheung and Erkka Nissinen, this piece is pure creativity and was, such a pleasure, to wear it for my first  Fashion Week event.

Take a look at the details and you will understand why I love it! 

5 February 2013

New in. Fur!

This is my last sale purchase.. a stripped faux fur coat in grey tones. A perfect piece but also risqué, to survive this cold weeks in New York!!
I love the volume that creates wearing it with skinny jeans or leggins. Also, the mix of tones makes this coat somehing special and different. 


Esta es mi última adquisición de rebajas.... un abrigo de piel sintética rayado en tonos grises. Una pieza perfecta aunque atmbién atrevida, para sobrevivir estas semanas de frío en Nueva York!!

Me encatnael volumen que crea al combinarlo con skinny jeans o leggins. Además la combinación d tonos en las rayas hace de esta prenda algo especial y diferente.

Coat- H&M

4 February 2013

Denim Addiction

Who doesn't have as basic pieces a pair of jeans and a denim jacket?
During the last years, this fabric is becoming a trendy material and part of couture collections, untill being a trend itself!!

¿Quién no tiene como prendas básicas un par de jeans y una cazadora tejana?. 
En los último años, este tejido se ha ido convirtiendo en un material trendy y parte de colecciones de alta costura, hasta convertirse en una tendencia por sí misma!!




denim 2

2 February 2013

Instamoments (IV)

Here are some of the best moments of my first week in NYC I shared on my Instagram profile.
I am really excited for Fashion Week and I am starting to organize my agenda for taht crazy days!!!
Remember that you can follow me on Instagram (med_blick), vía faebook (MediterraneanBlick) and also vía Twitter (@MediterraneanB).

Have a nice weekend!!!


Estos son algunos de los mejores momentos momentos de mi primera semana en NYC que he comprtido en mi perfil de Instagram.
Estoy realmente excitada por Fashion Week y ya estoy empezado a organizar mi agenda para estos días de locura!!!

REcordad que podéis seguirme en Instagram (med_blick), a través de facebook (MediterraneanBlick) y también en Twitter (@MediterraneanB).

Que tengáis un buen fin de semana!!!